Advantages of seamless square tube applications

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The seamless rectangular tube heat exchanger based on the seamless rectangular tube structure has the advantages of good consolidation, strong adaptability, wide material selection, convenient manufacture and low production cost.we are provide pre-galvanized steel pipe,you can know it.We can guarantee the quality of pre-galvanized steel pipe.

Due to the limited fluctuations of the original planned jacketed heat reducer, the persistence of superheated steam temperature often becomes a limiting factor for boiler fuel and operating mode changes.

Square tube

The single-wall seamless rectangular tube not only has excellent flame retardancy, high Weikang temperature, high volume resistivity, high strength and low friction coefficient. It also has the function of winding and winding, which greatly facilitates storage, transportation, accumulation and construction.

In the heat transfer planning of metallurgical, petrochemical and other industries, there are many types of heat exchangers, but the traditional heat exchangers have shortcomings such as poor heat transfer, difficulty in cleaning, dirt, heat resistance, etc., which cannot meet the needs of production customers. The seamless rectangular tube heat exchanger based on the seamless square tube throat has the advantages of good heat transfer performance, convenient cleaning, small dust thermal resistance and compact structure.

The plastic seamless square tube is a plastic pipe with a reasonable wall structure. The spiral structure is selected as a whole. Used in urban drainage projects, it can improve the drainage capacity of equipment, shorten the service life of the project, facilitate construction and shorten the construction period.

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