Application of lighting panels in the construction industry

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The so-called brand is a planning project that includes titles, logos, slogans and products, services and public figures, including corporate honors, products, corporate culture and the operation of all operations, all of which are included in the brand.we are frp sheet suppliers,you can know it.

And the integrated ceiling companies want to live and work in the mall for a long time, we not only need to consider the issue of selling products, but also face the problem of how to build a brand and deeply implant the brand into local shopping malls and customers.

Regarding the manufacturer, if there is no title and logo, how to introduce the company, brand and product to the distributor's dealer. If there is no title and logo, how will you sell the agent's products to the customer, and if there is no title and logo, how will they install the integrated device at home? Recommend to friends and family.

Brands are not just a combination of trademarks and products, but also the performance of the company's overall competitiveness. In the entire integrated ceiling occupation, the trademark is as much as the sand, and the product is like a cow and a hair from the trademark to the product.

Various cottages, Yingying, and famous brands have severely prevented the healthy and orderly development of the profession. We are able to find well-known brands all over the world and make a vivid depiction of the "small disorder" brands around the production companies.

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