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The full name of FRP lighting board is Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester, Chinese is glass fiber reinforced polyester lighting board, commonly known as glass steel, also known as transparent tile. Chenguang FRP brand FRP lighting board is mainly composed of high performance upper and lower film, unsaturated reinforced polyester and glass fiber. It has the characteristics of light transmission, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, shock resistance and self-cleaning.we are frp sheet suppliers.


1. Long service life, excellent aging resistance, product service life should be more than 15 years (in the use period, the strength and light transmittance decreased by no more than 20%);

2. Excellent weather resistance and thermal stability. The ambient temperature of the sheet should be between -60 °C and 150 °C for safe use.

3. Corrosion resistance: The product can withstand various acid, alkali and other chemical substances, especially suitable for use in coastal and corrosive places;

4. Impact resistance: the degree of curing of the board is above 82%, the external force is less harmful to the board; under the impact of crushed stone and hail, it is not easy to break;

5. Yellowing resistance: The board should be added with a sufficient amount of UV absorber, and the color can be kept stable for a long time;

6. Color and light transmittance: The color of the board is custom-made, the light transmittance and heat transfer coefficient meet the requirements for use, and the light transmittance can reach 80% or more. The light transmitted through the lighting board is scattered light;

7. Flame-retardant lighting panels are required to meet national standards: first-class flame retardant requirements, oxygen index not less than 30%; secondary flame retardant requirements, oxygen index not less than 26%;

8. The board needs to be covered with DuPont Melinex® 301 anti-UV and anti-aging film to reduce the damage of various corrosive gases and ultraviolet rays to make the product more stable;

Companies adhere to the "management for strict, quality and excellence, service and sincerity, improve and seek" business management policy, relying on scientific and technological progress, and constantly improve the product structure, in good faith for the basis of cooperation, to provide customers with stable, high-quality FRP lighting panels Products to better meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets.

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