Choosing cheats for the color of the frp sheet

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The top decoration owners should consider the floor before the decoration, the floor tiles and the floor, the door painting or painting, the color of the lighting board, etc. The color of the ceiling of the lighting board is not the same as the depth of the ground. Generally speaking, the upper limit of the house should not be deeper than the floor color, especially It is if the lighting board is not high, and the color of the light. The best choice is to participate in a lot of white (white, light blue), gray or near white.we are frp sheet suppliers,you can know it.

In three-dimensional space, under natural light conditions, the floor is the brightest, the wall is the brightest, the wall is the second brightest, and the daylighting panel is the darkest.

There are equipment, lights, air and smoke detectors on the lighting board. The lighting panel is painted black and a simple sense of crushing occurs. The best choice for the color of the lighting is to participate in a lot of white (light white, light blue), gray or near white.

Most designers consider space and atmosphere to use pure white is the safest, but want to invent an atmosphere, for example, make the restaurant in the House mystery, secret, even in the grotto feel, you can use black and other colors deep purple and pure black The color.

Together, it also depends on the color and raw materials of the floor and wall. It shouldn't be too heavy and simple. There is a feeling of crushing.

Considering that the photometer and the high and low lighting panels are smaller than the wall lamps, the selection has a swelling effect than the light color of the wall 1. The low-light panels (240 cm below) are light-coloured, and the height of the panels (250 cm) is the same as the wall, but the "no-light" rule is adhered to.

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