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Decorative Stair Pipes Chinese Supplier

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Anti-rust treatmenthot zinc spray, epoxy primer(twice), acrylic acid black paint, hand applied faux finish, varnish coat
ApplicationVilla,residence,commercial building
Functionbalustrade/newel post/kingpost/platform pillar, mount in floor
Packagingstandard cartons packing
Delivery timeWithin 15-20 days after received the payment
RemarkAll kind of designs can be produced according to your requirements

Kindly Note Below:

1. Customized design is available.

2. Material and dimensions can be changed as per clients' requirement.

3. Price varies on material and dimensions.

The decorative stair pipe are very popular in middle east countries,we can make different types with different colors according to clients’ request.

we can provide Stair Pipes decorative stair post,and provide fiberglass reinforced polyester panel,we are pre-galvanized steel pipe supplies,rectangle steel pipe wholesale,china round steel pipe exporter,you can know it.

American furniture chooses to have legs or no legs

The price difference between American furniture is very large, mainly in three aspects. The first difference lies in the material, the quality of the materials, including the texture of wood and fabric and the proportion of materials used. The price of furniture made of pure solid wood is higher. The performance of handicrafts is also very important for the quality of furniture. Some American furniture is handmade. The carving skills are very different from the general machine production, and the crafts such as hand-stitching add more art to the furniture itself. Additional value.

American furniture is mainly made of wood, furniture is made of wooden studs, and the legs of the furniture are mostly made by cutting.

At present, traditional American furniture paints are mostly dark red or brown. American furniture is relatively simple compared to European furniture, so the details are particularly important. Generally, the texture is more beautiful and the wood is more prominent. The furniture veneer is treated with complex sheet to make the texture itself a decoration.

How did the table legs of this furniture come from?

It can be done by hand, but it is still very difficult to make so many identical ones. It takes time and labor, and the furniture factory does not produce the legs of this shape. It is specialized in processing these legs and legs. All kinds of carved factories are purchased in batches, which are professional molds or machine tools for computer engraving! I hope useful to you!

The furniture legs are electroplated and rusted. Thank you.

1. Do not place the electroplated furniture in a damp place, or use a damp cloth to polish the furniture. When washing the surface of an electroplated folding chair or sofa with soapy water or washing powder, try not to wet the metal plating. Otherwise, the plating and lacquer pieces are easily peeled off and rusted.

2. When a yellow-brown reticular spot appears on the surface of the plated part, it can be wiped regularly with a neutral oil to prevent the plaque from continuing to expand and the galvanized protective layer to degrade and rust.

3. For galvanized furniture that has been rusted, it should be rusted in time, but do not use sandpaper. Small plated parts can be immersed in a pot of organic oil for one night. Large plated parts can be applied to the rust with a brush or cotton gauze oil. After a while, wipe back and forth several times to remove the rust.

4. Usually, the rust inhibitor is applied to the plated parts to prevent rust.

Is there a bed with no legs or a good leg? Is there any storage space?

Just look at what style you like, leggings are easier to breathe, and now some high-box beds have the kind of small short legs that can store clothes, and also help the bed itself to breathe, that is, when cleaning the bottom of the bed is not too easily. There are also those with legs, no bed box, it is more convenient to clean. As for the lack of legs, there are generally places for storage. There is no need to clean the bed. It is that the ventilation is not relatively good. In fact, there is generally no problem.

It’s just a meticulous way to say that it’s just like this. Generally, it has no effect. I feel that the tatami that I have benefited is particularly good. Anyway, life has not been affected. Because my house is relatively low, I think the space in tatami will be larger.

What glue does the furniture hall use to glue the glass coffee table and the legs together?

Glass glue is a commonly used adhesive in households. The main component is sodium silicate (Na2O·mSiO2), which is easily soluble in water and sticky. It is also called water glass in the south and soda alkaloid in the north.

The horseshoe legs of mahogany furniture are not wrapped in rosewood

Mahogany furniture is very expensive, but it is rare, because mahogany furniture is not just a kind of furniture.

Nowadays, there are fewer and fewer mahogany in the world. If you use it, it will be less, because the growth period of mahogany is very

Long, at least 50 years to become talented, and the old age of redwood is less, and the furniture made of mahogany is

Very atmospheric and high value, it also has added value. The general mahogany furniture is made of some rosewood.

Wrapped in horseshoe

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