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The stair column is a product that forms a stair railing from Europe. It is a supporting column that connects the stair surface and the handrail and plays a very important role in the modern stair railing.

Because the guardrails composed of them are simple, beautiful, generous and elegant, they are widely used in homes, businesses and other construction sites.we are provide decorative stair post,you can know it.

The common combination guardrails consisting of stair columns are: stair columns + glass + handrails, stair columns + drawbars + handrails, and all-steel guardrails and all-wood fences. In addition, the guardrails formed by the stair columns are also used in modern finished staircases.

With the continuous development and improvement of the stair column, the commonly used materials for the stair column are: stainless steel, carbon steel, wood, aluminum, stone, stainless steel + wood, acrylic and so on. Among the steels commonly used in stainless steel are 201#, 304#, 316# steel, etc. Commonly used woods are Sapele, Burmese teak, and pineapple. Carbon steel and acrylic materials are used to form the stair column and the choice of sub-items is less.

With the trend of interior decoration, people are pursuing the perfection and unity of simplicity, nature, humanity, individuality and high taste.

Today, the stairs we offer to our customers are not only connected to the passage between the two floors, but with its reasonable space planning and exquisite detailing, the stairs have evolved into a beautiful landscape standing in the warmth of people, while the tradition The concrete structure of the stairs and the humanities pursued by modern people are naturally different, but the stairs we designed can be chosen.

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Decorative Stair Post

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