Demystifying the new use of lighting panels that you have not known

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Speaking of the lighting board, I believe we are not regenerating. In recent years, as a widely used building material, lighting panels have appeared frequently in our days. Just as the days need to be the same, our daily life is beginning to gradually lose its light.

Show no? Then, with Xiaobian, let’s see how the lighting panels are “soaked” into our clothes, food, food and shelter!

The road of "ambushing" of the lighting board: First of all, we should explain the clothes, not the clothes we wear every day, but the "clothes" for us and the car to shelter from the rain - carports, canops, etc. .we are frp sheet suppliers and provide frp sheet,you can know it.

The car shed made of lighting panels is stylish and concise, and can be combined in a variety of ways. It is made of high-strength aluminum alloy skeleton, electrostatic powder coating on the surface, corrosion-resistant; profile custom planning, easy assembly (except for column foundation grouting); Strong wind power, strong use, long service life.

The same is true for the canopy of the lighting panel, beautiful and consistent, fastened and used; good lighting performance, low noise; anti-impact, anti-aging; can accept 12-level hurricane; DIY planning is easy to install, can be assembled and assembled, really say no Finish.

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