Different colors of frp sheet play different roles

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Different colors of frp sheet play different roles

The advantages of lighting panels:

With the development of the economy, human beings are increasingly polluting the environment during the production process. In the industrial construction category (especially the chemical industry), corrosion is everywhere, and the raw materials used and the central products and by-products in the production process are everywhere. Most of the products are corrosive, causing corrosive damage to the plant, equipment base, various structures, trenches, etc.

In particular, after the exterior walls and roofs of the plant form corrosion, not only the overall image of the plant is greatly discounted, but also a series of problems such as leakage.

frp sheet manufacturer told In addition, in China's heavy industrial areas, it is a heavy acid rain area, and the annual loss due to corrosion problems cannot be estimated.

Therefore, the corrosion problem of the chemical plant is burned and the eyebrows are burnt. The newly-developed lighting panels of Guanghui Building Materials can be used to deal with roofing and wall corrosion prevention problems.

one,anti-aging, no fading

The lighting board adopts the ultra-high weathering engineering resin produced by the American company as the outer surface material of the tile. This high weathering resin is very suitable for field use, and has extraordinary durability in the natural environment. It is exposed to ultraviolet rays for a long time. Under the moisture, heat, cold and impact, it can still maintain the stability of its color.

two,excellent corrosion resistance:

The synthetic resin of the main body of the lighting board and the super-high weathering engineering resin gel coat of the outer surface of the lighting board are not degraded by rain and snow, and the corrosion resistance of various chemicals such as acid, alkali and salt can be resisted for a long time, so it is salt spray corrosion. The most ideal roofing material for strong coastal areas and severe air pollution areas.

frp sheet manufacturer told:A variety of microorganisms are also unable to make a living in the decoration tile, avoiding the corrosion damage caused by microorganisms.

three,safe fire, not spontaneous combustion, no combustion

The main resin of the lighting board is a flame retardant product, and the fireproof function of the national fire prevention authority reaches the B1 level.

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