Different lighting panels have different characteristics

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There are three different types of lighting panels: frp lighting panels, pp lighting panels, and pc lighting panels. The lighting materials are different depending on the location. Below, the Luobin lighting panel manufacturer Xiaoliang introduces the characteristics of different lighting panels.

1, pp material lighting board can not only be used in the decoration of the house, but also can be used in insulation products. Pp lighting panels are an environmentally friendly type of material. There are no harmful elements in the process of use, which is in line with today's green and environmentally friendly life philosophy. And these materials perform well in sound insulation and light transmission, and have won the favor of many customers.

2, frp lighting board has excellent acid and alkali resistance, general lighting materials can only adhere to yellowing corrosion for several years, but frp lighting board has a service life of up to 20 years, many chemical factories or high requirements for corrosion resistance Customers choose frp lighting panels.

3, Pc lighting panels are suitable for use in some environments with large temperature differences. Sometimes the temperature difference in the environment leads to the breakage of the sheet, so the requirements for the sheet are very strict in some bad areas. Because this kind of pc lighting board can not only operate normally in a high temperature environment of about 120 degrees, even in the environment of minus 40 degrees, it still maintains a good state. Therefore, many harsh environments will choose such materials, which can not only cope with cold and hot weather, but also have satisfactory lighting effects.

The above is the introduction of different characteristics of different lighting panels by trabecular beams. I hope that you can choose the high-quality materials that suit you when you choose the lighting panels.

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