Fiberglass reinforced polyester pane

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Product features

1. Long service life, excellent aging resistance, the service life of the product should reach more than 15 years (during the service life, the intensity and light transmittance shall not decrease by more than 20%),Our company can provide fiberglass reinforced polyester panel;

2. The corrosion resistance and thermal stability of excellence, the use of the plate temperature should reach 60 ℃ ~ 150 ℃ are safe to use;

3. Corrosion resistance: the product can resist the corrosion of various acids, bases and other chemicals, especially suitable for use in coastal areas and corrosive places;

4. Impact resistance: the curing degree of the plate reaches more than 82%, and the external force does little damage to the plate; Under the impact of gravel and hail, it is not easy to break;


5. Yellowing resistance: sufficient amount of UV absorbent should be added to the plate to keep the color stable for a long time;

6. Color and light transmittance: the color of the plate is customized. The light transmittance and heat conductivity meet the requirements of use.

7. Flame-retardant lighting board shall meet the national standards: first-grade flame retardant requirements, oxygen index shall not be less than 30%; Secondary flame retardant requirements, oxygen index not less than 26%;

8. The plate needs to be on the United States DuPont Melinex ? 301 UV protection, anti-aging, reduce all kinds of corrosive gas and UV damage to the plate and make the product stability is better;

9. Strength requirements: meet the requirements for installation safety, wind, snow, and other load requirements;

10. Flatness and dimension requirements:

11. to match with color steel plate, and color steel plate connection without leakage potential, thermal expansion coefficient and the steel plate is close to, not because of thermal expansion and cold shrinkage in nail cracking and leakage;

12. CG - FRP plate, anti-corrosion plate used in roofing, (e.g., III - 600 - c, W - 550 - type plate) put it on each side widening 20 ㎜ (comply with GB/T14206-2005), can improve the anti-leakage performance of roof in harsh environments, including due to the plate can be solved between siphon phenomenon caused by the leak problems;

13. Length requirements: meet customer requirements to facilitate transportation;

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