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Frp Panel Sellers

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Common FRP sheet

Component: isophthalic acid polyester

Surface Treatment: coated with melinex301 film

Fiberglass: fiber>30%

Standard Thickness: 1mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm

Light Transmittance Base on 1.2mm: 90%(non color),70%(blue,green),65%(white)

Heat Resistance: -45℃-140℃

Uvioresistant: can block 99%

Life of Using: more than 15 years

Usage: for the eneral industrial and common building

we can provide fiberglass reinforced polyester panel,we are pre-galvanized steel pipe supplies,rectangle steel pipe wholesale,china round steel pipe exporter,you can know it.

FRP lighting board installation method

With the development of integrated ceilings, the share of the first-line brand stores continues. Following the extensive development over the years, it still insists on and continues to drive, and the integration boom of the so-called second-line brands in the development period has different characteristics and professional self-view in 2012. Inductive ceiling development trends, the analysis of the sea-individual ceiling is as follows, for your reference.

The well-known brand effect industry has expanded the building materials home occupation. The integrated ceiling is a wonderful flower. The whole ceiling of our country started late, as long as it is about 6 years old. Following the development of China's economy, it gradually formed an industrial chain.

There are many brands seeking to break through, but representative brands such as AIA's ceilings, the entire ceiling of the sea, and the integrated ceiling of the Grand God are the breaking brands of this profession.

Following the development of brands and shopping malls, the integrated ceiling was expanded by the pre-emptive brand, and the brand effect was adopted to expand the professional product line.

This seems to be a shortcut for first-line brands to expand the profitability of the mall. From the perspective of many brands of inductive ceilings, it seems that many related sub-products and brands were born overnight.

 The integrated ceiling is combined with the original integration ceiling and participates in the multi-industrial chain. This is the gathering of the 2011 cap-in capitalization trend, and its continuity will be the beginning of 2012 and the following years. trend. The expansion of the brand effect is not only a feature of this profession, but other professions have now formed the rules of industrial development.we are provide frp sheet,you can know it.

Correct installation steps for the sun board

Sunshine panels are now the most popular and popular building materials, and many of them will be selected for use in the decoration of the room.

When the solar panel is in the device, in addition to the need to select a suitable orientation, it is also required to be installed according to a certain process, so that the maximum limit can be ensured that it does not cause an unexpected situation. So, next, let's take a look at the installation process of the sun board.

 After determining the orientation of the solar panel of the device, the sun panel is smoothly and safely transported to the orientation. At the time of the device, tear off the protective film at the bottom of the first sheet of the solar panel, and then use the cap to position the solar panel.

The protective film of the second substrate is then peeled off and positioned with a cap. A waterproof tape is attached locally to the second sheet of material. Finally, press the bead against the top of the waterproof tape.

 The above is the process of installing the sun panel. After the first sun panel is installed, the next device can be completed according to the previous process.

As a decorator, the time of the solar panel installation should be carried out in accordance with the relevant process, otherwise the engineered project may present quality problems, and even form severe results, resulting in immeasurable economic loss. Together with the loss of the economy, it will also bring physical and mental damage to the staff.we are provide frp sheet,you can know it.

 The failure of the solar panel device will cause a series of repercussions, triggering different results and different damages in different links, and these problems are what we should try our best to prevent.

Therefore, it must be carried out in accordance with the installation process of the sun panel, so that the risk limit coefficient can be reduced at the maximum limit, and the maximum limit can be prevented to prevent unnecessary loss.


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