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Production Name 

Good Quality Anti-Corrosion Transparent FRP Roofing Sheet

Product Description 

The transparent FRP roofing panel is a kind of light transmitting construction material, offering light transmittance over 85%. It is primarily made of  a thermosetting plastic reinforced with glass fiber. The strength of the glass fiber reinforced plastic steel is several times that of steel or aluminum sheets with the same thickness. The high strength makes sure the product won't deform easily. Meanwhile, this FRP roofing sheet is resistant to aging, corrosion,wearing, and high temperatures. Additionally, it has light weight which ensures convenient installation.we are frp sheet suppliers and provide frp sheet,you can know it.

Good Quality Anti-Corrosion Transparent FRP Roofing Sheet

Advantages of Transparent FRP Roofing panel

 The light transmission:The transmittance can be customized from 30% to 85%,the sunlight will get through the FRP sunlight roof Scattered and become more soft to make the entire room shinning brightly.

Flame retardant:The flame retardant has class 1 and class 2,Oxygen Index of the class 1 is 01≥32,the class 2 is 2≥26,meet the need of the fire fighting.

Weather resistance:The material we used contains UV absorber,on the surface 20um anti-aging film covered,can make the 99.9% UV off the sunlight and reduce the degradation and discoloration,thus,he roof sheet will be kept at least 15 years.

Materials: fiberglass-reinforced plastic, continuous forming by machine


1)Weather resistant and Self-clean ability

2)Excellent yellowness resistance

3)Strong impact resistant and low bending rate

4)High light transparency ,Light weight and high strength

5)Withstand extreme temperature from -38 degree to +110 degree for a long time

6)Aging resistant: specified F4 film added on surface and gel coat makes it endurable for long

8)More strengthened, safer, cleaner and more economical greenhouse panel

9)Corrosion and impact resistance,Anti-UV, anti-static, insulation

10)Accurate cross-section size

Company spirit: Innovation is the eternal theme of the company, and transcendence is the unremitting pursuit.

The company's purpose: excellent products, quality of survival, reputation and development, to benefit from small profits, in good faith, to make friends in good faith, and provide professional solutions and mature supporting products to create value for customers.we are frp sheet suppliers and provide frp sheet,you can know it.

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