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Frp Sheet Suppliers

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Flame Retardant FRP

Component: flame resistant resin

Surface Treatment: coated with melinex301 film

Fiberglass: fiber>30%

Standard thickness: 1mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,2.0mm

Heat Resistance: -45℃-140℃

Life of Using: more than 15 years

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The future development trend of roof lighting panels in China

Now the north is also spreading all over the country. There are more aquaculture industries in the northeastern northeastern provinces. There are more anti-corrosion lighting tiles. The winter in the north is colder, and the farmers are blocking the front gear. The lighting tile is very popular in the north. Most of the flat panels are used by farmers. Now it is Xiaobian who personally saw when selling the lighting tiles. Therefore, whether the lighting panels are used in industrial roofing or agricultural roofing, they all have good development prospects.

Enterprises with severe high temperature and corrosiveness, the color steel plates used by these enterprises in steel roofing have been corroded and rusted after several years, and it is difficult to resist the wind and rain, causing severe losses to the production of enterprises. Then these enterprises start to look for It can replace the roof tile of color steel tile. Some enterprises use PVC tile, plastic steel tile, resin tile as roof anti-corrosion tile, PVC tile and plastic steel tile, resin tile are anti-corrosion tile, but the temperature resistance coefficient is not stable.

Then the roof tile of suitable color steel tile type can only find FRP tile. FRP lighting tile, FRP anti-corrosion tile, FRP lighting board, FRP lighting tile, and lighting tile are all FRP series products.

We know all the characteristics of FRP, the strength of steel, the resistance of roofing tiles, acid and alkali resistance, anti-aging, strong temperature coefficient, and now in the south have reached thousands of households, FRP lighting tile lighting anti-corrosion performance is good, the price is not High, the south of the industrial plant can be seen everywhere in the glass steel tile.

Application of lighting panels in the construction industry

The so-called brand is a planning project, including titles, signs, slogans and products, services and public figures, including corporate honors, products, corporate culture and the operation of all operations, are the scope of the brand.

And the integrated ceiling companies want to live and work in the mall for a long time, we not only need to consider the issue of selling products, but also face the problem of how to build a brand and deeply implant the brand into local shopping malls and customers.

Regarding the manufacturer, if there is no title and logo, how to introduce the company, brand and product to the distributor's dealer. If there is no title and logo, how will you sell the agent's products to the customer, and if there is no title and logo, how will they install the integrated device at home? Recommend to friends and family.

  Brands are not just a combination of trademarks and products, but also the performance of the company's overall competitiveness. In the entire integrated ceiling occupation, the trademark is as much as the sand, and the product is like a cow and a hair from the trademark to the product.

Various cottages, Yingying, and famous brands have severely prevented the healthy and orderly development of the profession. We are able to find well-known brands all over the world and make a vivid depiction of the "small disorder" brands around the production companies.

 Seven years after the integrated ceiling, the homogenized competition mall forced us to face the reality that if the brand identity and logo were hidden, many brands of products would be replaced by a vocabulary "integrated ceiling".

Ming's product features and corporate history and culture are the methods to complete the real brand schapp, and then get the recognition and support of dealers and customers.


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