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Furniture Legs Manufacturer

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Anti-rust treatmenthot zinc spray, epoxy primer(twice), acrylic acid black paint, hand applied faux finish, varnish coat
ApplicationVilla,residence,commercial building
Functionbalustrade/newel post/kingpost/platform pillar, mount in floor
Packagingstandard cartons packing
Delivery timeWithin 15-20 days after received the payment
RemarkAll kind of designs can be produced according to your requirements

Kindly Note Below:

1. Customized design is available.

2. Material and dimensions can be changed as per clients' requirement.

3. Price varies on material and dimensions.

The decorative stair pipe are very popular in middle east countries,we can make different types with different colors according to clients’ request.

we can provide Stair Pipes decorative stair post,and provide fiberglass reinforced polyester panel,we are pre-galvanized steel pipe supplies,rectangle steel pipe wholesale,china round steel pipe exporter,you can know it.

Why are the furniture legs thick and thin, and the building is fine and thick? Learn knowledge

Ancient chair

In fact, the chair, for a considerable period of time in ancient times, is a symbol of status and power. Until now, the English word for Chair has the meaning of "host, chairman, important position". Most of the time, ordinary people sit on stools.

The Chinese are more trouble-free. Before the Tang Dynasty, they basically "sit" and they all know that the so-called sitting is actually awkward. After learning the Chinese etiquette, Japan has still passed down.

The oldest chair that can be found in history today is the chair of the ancient Egyptian queen. The ancient Egyptians believed that the creation of artificial things must avoid creating natural chaos, so they designed the legs of the lions or the hooves of the bulls to follow the natural style.

In fact, before the Tang Dynasty, both the pillars of the building and the bronze vessels were mostly imitating animals or beasts. So trace back to the source, in addition to abandoning the square to use decorative components with natural curves, the original totem worship and religious beliefs may have an impact on this design.

In order to break the straight and stupid image, this design method of imitating animal legs can be said to have reached a consensus throughout the world.

Deer legs and cat legs have become the imitation of Western classical Rococo furniture. Everyone did not expect so many legs in the world. The legs of the animals are also exactly thick and thin. In this tradition, even with some modern style furniture, the treatment of the legs is followed by a thick and thin approach.

Mechanics, aesthetics and practicality

Ancient people may not be as proficient in mechanics as modern people, and many things are passed down from generation to generation by the artisans. However, not being proficient does not mean that you are completely ignorant. In fact, the ancients seem to have an insight into everything. From the perspective of mechanics and aesthetics, many designs are perfect.

The flexural strength of wood is often lower than the compressive strength. Taking ordinary pine as an example, the compressive strength can reach nearly 20 MPa, that is, the object supporting 100 kg, if there is no bending moment, does not consider the bending instability, the wooden stick of 7.0x7.0mm size can be used.

If you don't believe it, you can go to the 7mm square wood station to see it, as long as it is not too high, it must not be bad. So the key to the thick and thin is not the weight, but the position.

As a movable furniture, the fulcrum of the furniture can be regarded as a sliding support, so that the joint between the foot and the table must be fixedly connected to transmit the bending moment, so a large volume (force arm) is often required here, or Increase the bevel support.

On the whole, as a piece of furniture, it is necessary to ensure sufficient anti-overturning and anti-sliding ability. The feet of the small outer support not only make these easier to satisfy, but also more beautiful. Practically speaking, the small table and chair feet do not block the user's feet, and are convenient to display.

In addition to the stability and safety of the look and feel, this design meets the aesthetic needs of human beings compared to the vertical legs and the natural smoothness of the curved legs. Believe it or not, this world has always been a world of legging.

Building lateral force requirements

Furniture should be easy to move, but the building must be strong enough, and the ancients have long realized this. The firmness mentioned here means that in addition to bearing the weight of the roof and the wall above, it is also sufficient to resist the wind, even the level of earthquakes.

In the early days of human history, the basic technology was limited. In fact, the pillars are not a single "upper and lower". In fact, there are often "upper and thicker" and "upper and lower", such as the example of @Sunny Wong Crete. . The author believes that the reason why there is a rough condition is that the ancients wanted to increase the span of the beam with a wider upper cap (head) and resist the instability caused by horizontal force and eccentricity by gravity.

Ancient Egyptian column

China's fighting arches have also formed a structure similar to "upper and finer". Because many of the Chinese ancient architecture column scripts are not fixed, or are simply fixed, in principle they are hinged. At the top of the column, through a series of buckets, in addition to increasing the beam span (pillar spacing), as well as the decorative effect.

Such a structure also increases the stability of the column, and the support point of the bucket can form a certain resistance force with gravity, so that the structure exhibits a certain "self-locking" state. I have to admire the wisdom of the ancients.

Chinese ancient building column and column foundation connection

With the development of technology, the building is getting higher and higher. This lower hinged building is only used in some special cases, such as the workshop, but if there is a heavy crane, the lower part will just be connected. In some earthquake-resistant buildings, rubber is also used to achieve a "semi-hinged" elastic support to match the upper building to achieve seismic resistance.

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