How do you install a handrail with a house with stair pipes?

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How do you install a handrail with a house with stair pipes?

Another month or so, we will welcome our most grand festival, the Spring Festival. On this happy day, everyone will return to their long-lost hometown and reunite with their families.

Back home, people also have a richer and more interesting life. It is common to go to the neighbors' homes. With the improvement of people's living standards, now everyone has built a small house in their hometown. When they are in the door, the neighbors will also evaluate each other. The decoration of the house, and the building of the house in the countryside usually has several layers, which is indispensable to install the stairs. In the environment where the decoration styles are similar, working in the inconspicuous position of the stairs can bring unexpected results.we are provide stair pipes,you can know it.

First, wood

The wooden stair railings, with wooden steps, feel natural and grade.

Staircases in American style, modern elegance due to grades.

▲ Modern log-style stair railings make the space more simple and natural.

▲The overall wooden stair railing, plus metal guardrail, is natural and secure.

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