How tall is the home stair railing suitable?

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Many owners pay great attention to the material, price and design effect of stair railings when purchasing stair railings. In addition, the size and height of stair railings are also very important. We must not buy them. ignore. So, how high is the home stair railing? Below the stair handrail manufacturers share with you some tips on the height of stair railings, for your reference when purchasing stair railings.we are provide decorative stair post,you can know it.we can guarantee the quality of decorative stair post.

1.At least one side of the stairs shall be provided with stair railings. When the net width of the ladder reaches three streams, stair railings shall be provided on both sides.

2.When the width of the stair section is more than 3000 meters, the middle handrail should be set.

3.The height of the indoor stair railing should not be lower than 0.9 meters before the step. When the horizontal armrest on the side of the stairwell exceeds 1.5 meters, the height is not less than 1.0 m.

4.The height of the stair handrail of the residential building is not less than 0.9 m. When the length of the horizontal section of the stairway is greater than 0.5 m, the height of the handrail is not less than 1.05 m, and the clearance between the vertical bars of the stair railing is not more than 0.11 m.

5.The height of the indoor stair railings in activities such as schools shall not be less than 0.9 cm. The height of the outdoor stairs is not less than 1.1 meters.

6,in addition to the adult handrails, the stairs should be placed on the side of the wall, the height of the child is not less than 1.6 meters.

7,the stairs should be firmly set, continuous handrails, the height is not less than 0.85 meters.

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1.First consider the location and styling factors of the renovation staircase. Stairs are especially important for the layout of the home improvement. The space occupied by the stairs and the entrance and exit of the stairs must be carefully considered. Stairs are typically placed in dedicated stairwells or against corners of the wall so that they do not waste space or disrupt the overall layout. The entrance and exit of the stairs should be set according to the principle of convenient walking and the shortest walking route.

2.Next consider the material of the stairs. The material of the stairs should be determined according to the style of the home decoration. The Chinese style should be purchased with a solid wood staircase. The modern minimalist style should be purchased with a steel-wood staircase. In addition, if there are old people or children in the home, the solid wood staircase is more suitable.

3.The width of the indoor staircase is generally about 90 cm. If the single-layer area is large, it is appropriately lengthened to 95-100 cm.

4.The height of the stair handrail should not be less than 90 cm and should not be too high.

5.The gap between the balustrades should not be greater than 11 cm. Excessive clearance is not conducive to the safety of children. Usually the child's head cannot be extended.

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