How to calculate the weight of the round steel pipe

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How to calculate the weight of the round steel pipe


Weight: It is a measure of the magnitude of gravity of an object. The weight and mass are different and the unit is Newton. It is a basic property of an object. Under Earth's gravity, a mass of 1 kg of material weighs 9.8 Newtons.we are round steel pipe exporter.

Calculation Weight of steel pipe = π × (square of outer diameter - square of inner diameter) ÷ 4 × L × steel specific gravity

Where: π = 3.14, L = length of the steel pipe,If: The proportion of steel is 7.8


Weight of steel pipe = 0.25 × 3.14 × (square of outer diameter - square of inner diameter) × L × 7.8

How to calculate the bearing capacity of a circular steel pipe?

The bearing capacity of a circular steel pipe is probably the axial compressive stress. The pressure is calculated as: the compression area x the compressive strength of the steel = the maximum pressure that can be withstoodGenerally, round steel pipes are elongated members, and stability should be considered first.

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