How to choose the style of stainless steel railing column

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In our daily life, there is no stranger to the stainless steel railing column. There are also many places where there are stainless steel railings, such as villas, shopping malls, bridges, rivers and so on.we are decorative stair pipes manufacturer design,you can know it.Let's talk to you about how to choose the style of the stainless steel railing column.

Divided according to the shape of the column: tubular column, ordinary square tube, round tube for the column body, mostly hollow, cheaper cost, can choose this paragraph for the budget is not limited; flat steel column, plate column. It is divided into two types: single steel plate column and double steel plate column. Three steel plates are rare, because steel columns are often expensive, and there are hollow and solid plates. For such columns, the customers currently selected are still More, because of the variety of styles, especially the choice of solid security will be much higher; shaped columns, unconventional shape column. For example, the special-shaped grooved pipe is used as the column body, and is mainly used for the railing handrail of the floor-standing glass type. The advantage is that it is convenient and quick, and can effectively save time and cost.

Divided according to the type of railing handrail applied: stainless steel hanging glass column. The glass is fixed by using stainless steel glass pendants and stainless steel glass clamps, and generally a single piece of tempered glass of 8 mm to 12 mm is used. Or laminated tempered glass, depending on the size of the paper; stainless steel through the pipe column. The column body has a tube clamp, which is usually 4 perforations, and generally wears 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 19mm small tubes.

Divided by surface treatment: achromatic stainless steel column. Surface treatment: brushed, matte, mirror, etc., mainly divided by colored stainless steel columns; titanium stainless steel columns. The metal surface is chemically treated with a layer of titanium gold, which is high-grade and luxurious. Mostly used for fine decoration, such as villas, hotels, exhibition halls, etc.; spraying stainless steel columns. Common is black spray.

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