How to make true and false materials on the true and false 304 stainless steel pipes on the market

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How to distinguish the 304 stainless steel tube material true and false use 304 stainless steel tube measuring liquid, we can easily understand some of the deceptive behavior 

in the market and the true face of the fake 304 stainless steel tube. For example, to buy a 304 stainless steel tube of 304 grade, we can test the "304" product provided by 

the manufacturer.we are provide pre-galvanized steel tube,you can buy it.

If it is true 304, we use the above "304 type" measuring liquid or "Ni8" type measuring liquid test, the corresponding test result should appear, otherwise, it is not true 

304; if further test with "low Ni" measuring liquid The discovery that the beads are purple-red indicates that the product is a kind of steel with high manganese content, and 

it is also likely to be a prevailing low-corrosion 304 stainless steel tube that is currently on the market, so-called "200 series 304 stainless steel tube". .

When using the measuring liquid for measuring the approximate content of specific elements in 304 stainless steel tubes for testing and identification, we are required to 

refer to and understand the chemical composition requirements of the 304 stainless steel tube national standard.

Old customers also have the following advantages:

Financial security

The recovery of the customer's payment is the focus of each sales company. How to be safe and timely and the amount of control is of course the most reliable for the old 


2. Guarantee of sales and sales

How many stainless steel pipes are used by old customers every month, and the company can almost predict the shipments.

3. Guarantee of pipe quality

The old customers' pipe requirements are due to many times of supply. The links to pay attention when providing pipes are clear. Unlike some new customers, it often takes 

several times to achieve the requirements.

4. Suggestions from old customers

Old customers are often friends who are close friends. He will provide us with many reasonable suggestions, such as the market dynamics of other pipes, introducing new 

customers, and places where the company needs improvement.


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