How to reinforced stainless steel balustrades by means of lining steel pipes

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Stair railing installation requirements for residential and public buildings must be strong. However, the position of the embedded iron is often inaccurate, which directly affects the firmness of the installation. If the expansion bolt is used instead of the embedded part, the pole is often unable to be welded. After a period of use, it is easy to loosen and desold.we are provide decorative stair post,you can know it.we can guarantee the quality of decorative stair post.

Phenomenon, leaving hidden dangers to the project.

If the method of lining the steel pipe is adopted, the firmness of the stainless steel stair railing can be strengthened to meet the requirements for safe use. specific method:

(1) Before installing the balustrade, check whether the position of the embedded parts is accurately placed, and correct the deviation or fill the installation.

(2) The wall thickness of stainless steel pipes must meet the requirements of design or specification, which is the basic requirement for ensuring firm installation.

(3) Before installing the railing, it should be based on the inner diameter of the stainless steel pipe.

An ordinary steel pipe with a wall thickness of 3mm or more is slightly lower than the height of the stainless steel pipe railing by 20mm, and the outer diameter of the inner lining steel pipe is slightly 

smaller than the inner diameter of the outer casing of the stainless steel pipe.

Product specifications:

Round tube Specification: 9.5-323 Wall thickness: 0.6-6. 0

Square tube Specification: 4*4-150*150 Wall thickness: 0.3-6.0

Rectangular tube specifications: 4*6-150*200 Wall thickness: 0.3-6.0

Capillary specification: 0.3-6 Wall thickness: 0.15-2.0

Industrial pipe specifications: 13.7-406.4 Wall thickness: 1.65-9.53

Stainless steel welded pipe: 3-350 Wall thickness: 0.2-5

Stainless steel seamless tube: 1-870 Wall thickness: 0.2-18

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