How to repair the leakage of 304 stainless steel pipe?

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304 stainless steel tube sand holes, cracks can be used drilling tapping screw thread box method of leak repair, if due to corrosion (definition: refers to decay and disappear, erosion, etc.) perforation, fracture, fault (such as reason, on tube leakage occurs, to rapidly eliminate accident, can use "urgent repair hoop" method, as shown in figure, placed at penetrating wall damage made of ductile materials such as lead or fiber materials of gaskets, with flat and u-bolt (: and the screw head) reinforced hoop tighten fixed can.Our company can provide Rectangle Stee Pipe you can buy it.


This method can be used for low-pressure stainless steel gas pipe, if used for high-pressure stainless steel gas pipe, it can only do the short-term temporary repair, and they should be on the pressure relief welding reinforcement steel plate. If the pipe crack is long, after drilling the hole to stop the crack, two semicircular sleeves can be used, the gap between the sleeve and the pipe wall can be filled with sealing filler twist, tighten the sleeve fastening bolts can be.

What are the main features of stainless steel pipe planing?

The production efficiency of stainless steel pipe planing is low and has been replaced by milling to a large extent. In recent years, the use of stainless steel pipe is also in constant innovation, breakthrough, change, applicable industry and product models are also in constant increase, the speed of product replacement is more frequent. 

According to the characteristics of stainless steel pipe material, the main characteristics of stainless steel planing are: planning impact force is large, the tool is easy to break the edge. 


Secondly, the tool is easy to wear out (a basic type of component failure), especially when planing hard cutting materials such as stainless steel, which is resistant to concentrated ammonia nitrogen water. When the high-speed steel W18Cr4V planer is used to cut the stainless steel which is resistant to concentrated nitric acid, the blade is often worn out in one stroke. In view of the above characteristics, stainless steel planing processing, mainly from the selection of planer material, planer structure shape and cutting Angle, etc., to take measures (pointer to the solution to the problem), and in the field, operation to pay attention to the necessary.

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