How to seal the sun board

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Ensure that the special tape used for the marginal lubrication installation works should have good weatherability and long-term use without losing its cohesiveness.

Make sure that the margins of the board are lubricated during installation. This will allow the tape to stick well and have a good seal. Only careful installation will have a certain degree of sealing.

Do not have any impurities, insist on cleansing, clean all holes, and do not have any impurities. It is also necessary for the deflated air to be free of any impurities. The need to pay attention is to insist on boring. Once there is impurities, it will lose its colloidality and then lead to a tight seal. Be sure to stick to the boring, moist local area will also lose the glue.we are frp sheet suppliers and provide frp sheet,you can know it.

To cover the tape thoroughly, be sure to cover the tape completely with a profile, metal cover or a U-shaped maintenance groove at the end. This ensures a good seal. After the installation is completed, there will be no exposed areas in the future, and then the effect will be normal.

Good sealing can ensure that the lighting board can play its due role and bring convenience to people's lives. Therefore, in the time of installation, it is necessary to grasp the sealing skills. Through long-term use, people will not lose mechanical strength and cohesiveness, and thus achieve good weather resistance, and must pay more attention to the installation.

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