How to solve the problems in the process of transporting precision stainless steel pipes

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First, implement a management mode in which on-site supervision and coordination are synchronized. On the one hand, on-site supervision and inspection of the transportation of precision stainless steel pipe subcontractors on-site capacity to solve specific problems (such as the shortage of transport vehicles equipped by transporters, insufficient number of cranes, low work efficiency, poor road conditions, lack of site and construction units) Coordination and communication, etc.).Our company can provide Rectangle Stee Pipe you can buy it.

On the other hand, the weekly meeting of transport subcontractors is held regularly, requiring the transporter to report the progress of the precision stainless steel pipe transportation and the existing problems within the prescribed time limit and solve them in time.

Secondly, in the specific work process, the personnel on the key nodes of the transporter should be mastered and maintain a certain relationship with them. In some cases, speaking about feelings is sometimes more effective than speaking contracts. In the process of transporting precision stainless steel pipes for pipeline engineering in the third/seventh district of Sudan. For the three pipeline construction contractors in China, Russia and India, the same transport subcontractor (Sudan NEFEIDI) was selected, and some personnel used to With the Chinese side, familiar with the work process and work hard, the Chinese designated transporters must arrange for relevant personnel to work in designated positions.

For example, if China has appointed Mujeheid (employee of NEIFEIDI) to collect valuable information and prepare weekly reports, Yousif (employee of NEIFEIDI) serves as the head of the RABAK transit station, so there is no communication problem between the two parties, and it also reduces the troubles that may arise in the work. At the same time, the necessary guidance and help for them in their physical work can improve the efficiency of transportation management.

Third, respect local customs and anger, and the situation that affects progress due to differences in customs and customs should be coordinated by the responsible person of the transporter. Chinese personnel should not blame. The Sudan belongs to a Muslim country. During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims cannot eat and drink during the day. Only after the sunset, the water is consumed. This makes it difficult to guarantee the efficiency of transportation during Ramadan and cannot meet the requirements of the transportation plan. Through consultation with the senior management of the transporter, measures to adjust the working hours and increase the transportation personnel ensure the progress of the transportation of precision stainless steel pipes.

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