How to transport light panels and how to prevent chipping

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Different users also have requests for the specification scale of the lighting board. In addition to the direct connection with the performance of the function, it also involves the transportation plan. When loading the lighting panels, consider the various aspects of safety, stability and economy, and try to find the best transportation plan.we are frp sheet exporter and the best frp sheet exporter.
The tortuosity of the lighting board is still relatively good, so it can be loaded and loaded and can be twisted and shipped, but the maximum diameter of the tortuous arc does not exceed certain specifications. In terms of the number and thickness of the lighting panels, the best is still not tortuous, because this method is suitable for lighting panels below 7mm.
What if it is directly tiling the board on the vehicle? This is no problem, the tail of the lighting board is level with the car, the front of the lighting board is placed above the roof, and then the top of the lighting board is turned back. This is not only stable, it will not be dangerous because the vehicle is moving, but the elasticity of such a lighting board will be very large, if the number is small, it can be done.
The full name of FRP lighting board is Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester, Chinese is glass fiber reinforced polyester lighting board, commonly known as glass steel, also known as transparent tile. FRP lighting panels are mainly composed of high-performance upper and lower membranes, unsaturated reinforced polyester and glass fiber. It has the characteristics of light transmission, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, shock resistance and self-cleaning.
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