Is it good to install stainless steel stairs(stair pipes) indoors?

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Is it good to install stainless steel stairs(stair pipes) indoors?

Yes, but now people are not used, and they have been popular in previous years. Wood or high grade plastic products are now commonly used. Because the stainless steel staircase is mainly a cold feeling in winter, and it is also aesthetically pleasing, and the price is not cheap. So now it is replaced by more wooden lathe-processed stairs.we are provide stair pipes and frp sheet,you can know it.

Not good-looking, poor. But mainly cheap,

not good! It is recommended to install environmentally friendly plastics.

Stainless steel depends on which type of 304 home you use.

Wooden stairs and stainless steel stairs which is better

The structure of the stainless steel staircase is relatively simple, generous, and the price is relatively affordable. It is also very convenient to install and easy to clean. The wooden stairs are generally more styles, the choice of space is relatively large, but the price of wooden stairs is very high, it is easy to regain moisture, the area is relatively large, the installation is also very complicated, it is difficult to clean after a long time. clean.

In general, the time used for stainless steel stair railings is certainly longer than that of wooden handrails. If there is no high style requirement, it is recommended that you choose stainless steel stair railings.

With its unique texture and elegant temperament, the solid wood staircase is displayed on the furniture decoration list. The solid wood staircase is made of solid wood material. It is not like the cold feeling of steel and glass stairs. It exudes an elegant and colorful, but it contains natural gas. Solid wood material can take care of the full range of sensory enjoyment of the residents, comfortable to touch, warm in winter and cool in summer, giving people a sense of harmony.

Personally think that the wooden staircase is more suitable for indoors, and the stainless steel staircase is more suitable for outdoor. Don't feel like indoors and outdoors.

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