Lighting board ( frp sheet ) development road

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Lighting board ( frp sheet ) development road

There are many advantages to the use of lighting panels in buildings. The lighting panels are characterized by energy saving, environmental protection, long life and excellent lighting. Today, Xiaobian takes you to understand the development of lighting panels.

The use of color steel tiles on the roof of traditional buildings has many drawbacks. Excessive water accumulation during the rainy season will lead to more and more deposits, which will rot over a long period of time, resulting in large-scale renovation of the roof.

The lighting board can avoid this problem, the rain can flow down the tile surface, and the lighting effect of the lighting board ( frp sheet ) is very good. It has been proved by the test that the lighting board can absorb noise well and reduce noise pollution.

The quality of the lighting board itself is light and convenient for transportation and installation. The lighting board is more resistant to corrosion than the color steel plate. The long-term wind and sun exposure will not have a great influence on the lighting board. The anti-aging effect of the lighting board is very good. The service life is around 10-30 years, avoiding the trouble of regular replacement.

Therefore, the lighting board gradually replaces the color steel plate and other materials, and the lighting board is a lighting material commonly used in buildings today.

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