Lighting panels become one of the most ideal lighting materials for the architectural decoration industry

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With the development of China's construction industry, new technologies, new processes and new materials in the building and decoration industry are emerging one after another. Plastic lighting panels are new architectural decorative lighting panels that have emerged in recent years, and their emergence has provided architects with a new means of decoration.we are frp sheet exporter.
 The plastic lighting board is one of the most ideal lighting materials in the architectural decoration industry in recent years, integrating transparency, light weight, heat preservation, sound insulation, durability, anti-corrosion and impact resistance.
Common properties of lighting panels are: light transmission, thermal stability, decorative effects, weather resistance, flame retardancy and other aspects.
Light transmission performance: The product transmittance is between 25 and 85%. The special process technology makes the incident light very soft and creates a comfortable working environment.
Moreover, as a non-uniform material composite material, scattering occurs when light passes through, so that the indoor light is uniform, no light spots, and no glare. Due to the use of high-quality raw materials with the best process, the resulting product has a clean appearance and the light transmittance meets the national standard.
Thermal stability: The coefficient of thermal expansion is 2.5-3.5×10-5 (m/m/°C). Compared with PVC and PC, it is closer to steel, reducing the stress caused by the change of cold and heat and causing water leakage at the joint.
Decorative effect: Through the continuous molding process, through the adjustment of the formula and process parameters, a variety of different color products can be obtained, which is suitable for decorative engineering.
Weather resistance: The surface is coated with high-quality weather-resistant gel coat or anti-aging film to improve the aging resistance of the product; the UV absorber in the product can filter more than 90% of the ultraviolet rays in the sun, slowing down the material degradation and discoloration.
The service life can reach 20 years. High-quality FRP products are covered with a film with excellent weather resistance, which can greatly improve their service life.
A large number of experiments have shown that the weather resistance of frp lighting panels depends on the content of glass fibers. Under the same circumstances, the increase of glass fiber content will increase the strength of the product, but it is not conducive to the water resistance and acid and alkali resistance of the product.


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