Quality factor of solid wood stairs pipes

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Quality factor of solid wood stairs pipes

1,the choice of sheet is the most important: solid wood pedal is still the mainstream of the market. Strictly speaking, good stair treads must choose wood with low moisture content. Functionally speaking, wood with low moisture content is not easily deformed after being stressed, which can ensure stability and safety.

Of course, the material used as the stair tread must preferably be dried (two drying processes are preferred). This directly affects the service life of the stairs.

To select a staircase, it is necessary to tap the pedal from different points on the side and the front. The sound is clear and not scattered, while the low boring and squeaking of the tone is generally only once dried or not dried at all.

2,the process of topcoat can not be ignored: here mainly refers to the paint treatment of the surface of the pedal, if the paint strength and sturdiness of the handrail and the pedal are not reached, the later maintenance is very laborious, easy to get old or even aging damage.

Many foreign advanced stair brands combine many advanced flooring processing techniques, such as adding a wear-resistant lacquer layer on the surface, which saves a lot of special care, as long as it is wiped. Be sure to pay attention to whether the paint is environmentally friendly, because the stairs are an activity space in the room. If the material contains volatile and toxic substances, when the stairs are raised, the breathing will be accelerated, and the hazard can be imagined.

3,the length of the warranty period should be clear: due to the difference in the plate, the quality problems occur within one year, the normal quality of the stairs in a year, there will be no problems in the future.

That's because untreated or only one-time drying pedals, when passing through the seasons (especially in summer and winter), the difference in natural temperature changes will cause adverse reactions, such as mold, discoloration, deformation and so on.

Therefore, many of the standard stair manufacturers only promise a half-year warranty. When purchasing stairs, consumers should pay attention to the warranty period of the stairs for at least one year; for stairs that only promise half-year warranty or no warranty at all, it is best not to buy them, so as not to suffer losses.

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