Seamless square pipe suffered from overcapacity in the steel industry

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The latest data from the China iron and steel association showed that in late October, China's crude steel output was estimated to be 2.09 million tons per day, down 0.4 percent from the previous month. Among them, the key steel enterprises estimate that crude steel output is 1.7033 million tons per day, down 0.49% from the previous ten days. In addition, at the end of late October, the inventory of key steel enterprises was 12.8761 million tons, down 6.61% from the end of mid-october, a significant decline.Our company provide pre galvanized steel tube.In fact, due to its high energy consumption, high pollution and high emissions, the steel industry is regarded as one of the important causes of air pollution and has recently become the primary target of the ministry of environmental protection.


Regarding on November 1, the ministry issued the notice atmospheric pollution prevention and control work in the winter of 2013, according to the "notice", for the prevention and treatment of severe winter haze weather, the ministry of environmental protection to strictly control the pollution of coal combustion, deepen the non-point source pollution control, strengthen industrial pollution control, four major measures to strengthen the regulation of motor vehicle pollution, and the steel industry will once again become one of the key inspection supervision industry.

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