Solid wood stair pipes installation and precautions

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Solid wood stair pipes installation and precautions

1. Stair pillar installation - stair steps

(1)The height and width of the stair step are determined by the step size of the person and the length of the person's leg. In short, there is a certain relationship with the height. When the adult walks, the average step is 60-62 cm.

(2) The width of the step should be less than 24 cm. The starting step of the stair pipes can be 2-5 cm wider; the height of the step is usually not more than 7.5 cm, and the step height of the residential building should be below 20 cm.

2.Stair pillar installation - the slope of the stairs

The slope of a typical indoor staircase is 20-45 degrees, and the appropriate slope is about 30 degrees. This will not be difficult to walk.

3.Stair pillar installation - step width

(1)If it is a single-passage step, the width is generally not less than 80 cm, and the double-passage step is generally within l00-120 cm.

(2)If the three-passenger ladder is generally 150-180 cm, when the width of the ladder is greater than l80 cm, please set the wall handrail to facilitate walking.

4.Stair column installation - handrails and columns

(1)The distance from the stair handrail to the step should be greater than l5 cm, so as to ensure the safety of walking.

(2)The spacing of the handrail columns is generally between 80-120 cm; the diameter of the circular section of the handrail is generally between 4-6 cm, and the most commonly used data is 4.5 cm.

5.Stair column installation - armrest height

The height of the stair handrail is about 90 cm, and the height of the handrail of the stair platform is between 90-110 cm.

6.Stair column installation - walking line

If the width of the step is below 110 cm, the walking line should coincide with the midline of the step; when the width of the step is greater than ll0 cm, the walking line should be located 55 cm from the inner line.

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