Stainless steel stair handrails(stairs pipes)

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Stainless steel stair handrails(stairs pipes)

It can be simulated in CAD. Generally speaking, the diameter of the small tube by the large tube in the small tube is smaller than the diameter of the large tube so that no seam is easy to weld. 1) An interval of 1000mm (3600mm long), which is against the wall. At a distance of 100mm from the wall, the station pipe is connected as a whole by vertical and horizontal horizontal steel pipes. The horizontal pipe spacing is 1800mm, and a sweeping rod is arranged below.

2)An adjustable U-shaped head is placed on each riser. The main keel of the steel pipe is set up in the short direction of the room. The distance is 1000mm. The secondary keel is arranged on the main keel, except at the template joint. Outside the 50*100 wood, the rest are even steel pipes, and the spacing of the secondary keels is 100mm-150mm.

3)Adjust the head and level the main keel.

Stainless steel stair handrail installation process a total of 5 steps:

1.In order to accurately calculate the length of various rods, it is necessary to perform on-site stakeout measurement in advance of construction.

2.The allowable deviation of the length of the component is 1 mm, which is the deviation according to the length of the various rods.

3.Through the welding process welding test, select the appropriate welding process, welding speed, electrode diameter, welding current.

4.This step is off.we are provide stair pipes,you can know it.

Stainless steel stair railing material stainless steel stair railings?

Generally it is 304 material, there are also 201. The stainless steel decoration is the same as the aluminum alloy decoration, and has the characteristics of being difficult to rust, so that the initial decoration effect can be maintained for a long time. Compared with aluminum alloy parts, stainless steel parts have the strength and hardness advantages, so they are not easy to deform during construction and application.

304 The specific material selection can be determined according to the actual situation. There are expensive and expensive materials. The price is higher. The price is higher. One cent is worth the price. Stainless steel can have the effect of mirror. The polished stainless steel piece is used in the decoration of the home decoration, and the reflection effect of the mirror surface can obtain the effect of various colors and wind objects in the surrounding environment.

Moreover, because the polished stainless steel trim has a strong ability to reflect light, under the cooperation of the light, it can also cause a bright part of the bright and bright, which helps to create a central or focus point in the space environment.

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