Stair Pipe Installation Method Stair Pipe Installation Technique

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Stair pipe installation method stair pipe installation technique

What should be paid attention to when installing the stair column

1. We must first paste the wall and the wall and fix it.

2, the column should be tightly combined with the connecting parts, to be firm. Third, the fixed connectors cannot be on the same plane, and the distance is as large as possible, 

which can increase the stability.we are decorative stair pipes for sale.

3. When installing the column, the nut should be screwed into the column, the screw should be screwed on the pedal, then the nut and the screw should be aligned, then cut at the 

right angle on the upper part of the column, and all the columns should be connected with the thin wood board. The upper armrest is complete.

What are the accessories for solid wood stair columns and concrete?

1. Starting column installation: ground drilling, 3-4, pre-embedded inner wire expansion bolts, solid wood column 3 in one screw fastening, need to be filled with marble glue or 

epoxy glue, the advantages are: safe and secure, the disadvantages are: The process is cumbersome, the side of the column needs to be opened, and the wooden cover is closed to affect.

the appearance.

2. Small column installation: After the small column test with good angle is no problem, the lower part of the small column is drilled with 6.8 holes, the thick and thin wires are 

screwed in, and the ground hole is directly inserted into the glue.

Stair pipe mounting accessories and installation tips

When I went out for the weekend, I was amazed by the effect of the installation of the stair column. Whoever made it too good to see it, I really wanted to replace the stair column 

installation at home. It was too bad, and I was a little embarrassed. The installation of the stair column is more complicated. In addition to the requirements for the installation 

environment, it is also necessary to find a good technical master, otherwise it is difficult to achieve the expected results.

First, the analysis of the installation of stairs column

1. Staircase column is made of stainless steel, stone, aluminum, carbon steel, wood, acrylic, etc. The fittings are made of steel, aluminum or rubber. Steel and aluminum fittings are 

usually divided into castings and stamping. Parts and car parts are also divided into hollow and solid.

2. Commonly used stair column fittings include armrest support seats, mediates (sink hole washers), screws, glass hangers, tight tops, bottom plates, ivory pads, and tie rods.

Second, the staircase column installation process

Preparation stage

(1) Before installing the stairs, first communicate with the person who designed the stairs, explain your needs, and try to design a design drawing that is practical and beautiful.

(2) Estimate the required stair column according to the height of the stair, check the quality and model after purchase, and avoid the oolong incident.

2. Punch

Bolt the line on the stair surface and mark the position of each stair railing column. According to the measured size, drill the hole at the corresponding position of the stair 

column, the depth is 50, and the first step and the second step depth of the bottom layer are 100. This size should be well grasped. Can't go wrong.

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