Talking about the size of the frp sheet and the production cutting

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Talking about the size of the frp sheet and the production cutting

The lighting panels are mainly used in lighting roofs, greenhouses, sunrooms, etc. The direct sunlight of the lighting panels through the outdoor direct sunlight allows the sunlight to be evenly distributed in all corners of the room, and the sunlight in the room makes the vision more comfortable. It is the biggest role of the frp sheet.

The usual size of the lighting board is 6 meters, and the customer with special needs has been dimensioned. It is also possible that during the application process, the demand is cut according to the actual area. The general professional construction team has its own treatment method for the cutting of the lighting board. Usually, the domestic awning may establish a shed. When assembling, you may have to consider how to cut it. We must also carefully cut it when cutting. Considering the scale problem of the product, since the standard product scale is 6 meters, it is necessary to consider how to cut the product to maximize the application.

The small-area roof is generally hand-held with small cut-off, and the hand-held type is convenient and quick, but it is not suitable for a wide range of applications, because the working power is relatively low. Of course, when the lighting board is produced, it is automatically cut by mechanical means.

In the process of use, small-sized table-top cutting equipment can be used, and the power can be improved a lot. However, the normal scale requirements in our construction process require us to manually measure and accurately control, as long as we can compound our application requirements.

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