The Simplest Way To Install a Stair Pipe

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Nowadays, many residential units are duplex and penthouse. This kind of building can usually build stairs by yourself, but it is best to say hello to the property to prevent 

unpleasant things from happening later.we are decorative stair pipes for sale.

Before installing the stairs, we have to communicate with the designer who designed the stairs, including the price, which should save a lot of trouble. Before designing the stairs, 

we are also very important in material selection. There is also the style. The styles he designed are not suitable for your home. These are all communicated in advance.

Most of the stairs with higher grades are now componentized so that they can be installed at home. This installation is very convenient and fast. It only takes 2 or 3 workers, and it 

takes only a few hours to install it. If the installation is slow, it will take up to three days.

If the worker brings the parts to you, then we can also install them one by one with reference to the drawings.

Many people in foreign countries also like to install it themselves. If the conditions at home allow it, we can do it ourselves. This will be very interesting. Then let me introduce 

you to the most basic and most common installation method.

Before we install the stairs ourselves, we must first observe the distance between the upper and lower layers to ensure the position of the stairs to be installed (this is very 

important if there is a deviation, the subsequent modification will be very troublesome, and this has a great relationship with safety!) Then Punch the hole in the specified 

position, install the heavy plate connected to the ground, and then start to install the foot pedal. The foot pedal is generally aligned with the hole and then installed one by one. 

Finally, the column of the stairs, the role of the column is very important to protect our safety, but in order to prevent the stair rails from shaking, we should pay attention to 

some problems when installing the column: First, we must first lean against the wall The wall and the wall should be pasted and fixed. The second point is that the columns should be.

tightly joined and firmly connected. Third, the fixed connectors cannot be on the same plane, and the distance is as large as possible, which can increase the stability.

How to install the stair pipe.

Most of the friends who installed the stair columns were invited to install them, and a small number of friends liked to install the columns themselves. How is the stair column 

installed? Let's take a look together.

How to install the column of the stair to determine the position of the column: First, first observe the structure of the stair, determine where the column is located, and then punch 

the hole where the column needs to be installed; place the column: place a column in the hole In this process, which column is placed on top of the column, which one is placed 

underneath to be clearly defined; screw nut: at the junction of the column and the base or the armrest, tighten and fix with a nut.

Staircase column installation precautions 1. The column connection should be tight: at the junction of the column and other accessories of the stairs, make sure that the column is 

tightly coupled with it, otherwise it will easily lead to the column being loose;

2. The distance between the fixing members of the column should be large: the fittings of the fixed column should be separated by a certain distance and cannot be in the same plane. 

Otherwise, the column is not stable;

3. Adhere to the wall and the wall: the place where the column is against the wall should be adhered to the wall, otherwise the column cannot be fixed.

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