The choice of solid wood stair pipes should pay more attention

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The choice of solid wood stair pipes should pay more attention

The choice of solid wood stair treads should pay more attention to it. We must choose solid wood splicing composite plates. Such materials are durable and can not be deformed or cracked during long-term use, which can ensure the normal use of stairs.

The solid wood stair treadmill makes full use of the production technology and equipment of the original solid wood composite door. Combined with the stability principle of the three-layer solid wood composite floor, the material is fully and horizontally spliced and the upper and lower composite production process fully relieves the internal stress and dry shrinkage of the wood. Therefore, the solid wood stair tread plate can be made into a permanent, never cracked, never shrinking stable material, and the surface is made of high wear-resistant and scratch-resistant environmentally friendly titanium crystal paint. Make your stair treads more durable and durable.we are provide stair pipes,you can know it.

Staircase manufacturers to prevent cracks from appearing

Because the area of the pedals of the stair manufacturers is small, the area of the force is relatively reduced, so the materials used are limited. Most of the soft wood is more stable and easy to wear. Most hard woods are wear-resistant, but they are easily deformed. Cracking, in the end, using cork as a stairway manufacturer's product is good or hardwood is good, compromise, most companies choose neutral hard wood as the main material of the stairway manufacturer's products, the stability of the pedal manufacturer's product pedal is the best , do not have to do any day-to-day drying treatment, as long as more sun drying can be used, but the stairs manufacturers products are still somewhat soft, easy to wear.

Stairs manufacturers product pedals should be used when paying attention, try not to wear high-heeled shoes and the like, and do not use too much force to step on, because the use rate is extremely high, so the maintenance of the day after tomorrow is indispensable, you can lay carpet or non-slip mat, can not be used in daily cleaning Scrub with plenty of water, spray on the surface with a cleanser and scrub with a soft cloth

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