The difference between the sun board and the frp sheet is not only a little bit

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The difference between the sun board and the frp sheet is not only a little bit

frp sheet manufacturer told Sunlight panels and daylighting panels are not as simple as one word difference. They are found to be significantly different in terms of materials, properties, and uses. It proves that sunlight panels and lighting panels cannot be confused. So, what kind of plates are the sun panels and the lighting panels?

From the material point of view, the material selected for the solar panel is PC, and the material selected for the lighting panel should be FRP; however, both have a daylighting function, in which the sunlight panel has better lighting performance and weather resistance, and the lighting panel has better acid and alkali resistance. It is not easy to be corroded by acid and alkali.

frp sheet manufacturer told The production process of the sun board and the daylighting board is also different. The sun board is produced by the co-extrusion process, so the hot and cold deformation is large, and it is easy to be cut by the self-tapping nail. Because of this, the sun board should be opened with a large hole in the self-tapping, and the flexibility should be considered when installing.

Although the thermal conductivity of the lighting panel is lower than that of the solar panel, the lighting panel is usually a single layer, and the thermal conductivity is higher than that of the solar panel. That is to say, if the summer sun is shining, the indoor temperature under the lighting panel is higher. The light transmittance and carrying capacity can be satisfied in general, whether it is a sun panel or a lighting panel.

In the leakage prevention problem, there is a U-shaped plate in the sun plate, and the screw does not penetrate the plate at all during installation, realizing waterproof and leakproof. Since the sun plate is mainly a flat plate, in order to overlap with the color steel plate, other auxiliary structures need to be made and the roof color steel plate is wave-shaped, which makes the joint difficult to handle, high in construction cost, time-consuming, laborious, and because of sunlight. The board is limited by the process.

Not only the aluminum flange treatment is needed at the joint of the sun plate, but also the auxiliary raft is needed on the material, which increases the construction cost and complexity, and because of the high coefficient of thermal expansion, it is necessary to calculate the expansion reserve during construction.

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