The lighting board is a flammable material. Why can it be flame retardant and can be used with confidence?

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The lighting board and the steel structure are complementary roofing materials, and the main components of the lighting board are: lighting film, resin, and glass steel. Flame-retardant lighting materials are added to the flame-retardant lighting materials, so flammable lighting panels can also be flame-retarded.

General lighting panels can not be used in industrial plants, flame retardant anti-corrosion lighting panels can be used in industrial plants. However, the price of flame retardant anti-corrosion lighting board is higher than that of general lighting board. After all, its performance is better. Luobin lighting board manufacturer is specialized in producing flame retardant anti-corrosion lighting board, with high quality and favorable price.we are frp sheet suppliers and provide frp sheet,you can know it.

The toxic fumes caused by burning in the factory fire scene are caused by the low melting point. The characteristics of the flame-retardant lighting panel: self-extinguishing from the fire, it is impossible to produce thick smoke, so now the factory roof uses flame-retardant lighting panels.

With the research and development of Luobin Lighting Board Technology Department, Situo has developed a new generation of flame-retardant lighting panels with high melting point and high temperature resistance. It belongs to the unique products of Hebei lighting board, and the flame retardant coefficient can reach the standard level one and two. level.

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