Two traps common to stair railing decoration

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First, install traps

Since the finished staircase is factory-produced, its mouth-opening protection must be controlled by engineering interspersed. The specific steps can be divided into: one installation, before the ground, the main bone, the ground foot pre-buried, the base layer treatment reinforcement. The second installation, the pre-cleaning period, the installation of the pedals, and the protection of the cover, so that customers can handle large pieces of furniture. Three installations, installation and closing before check-in, the project is over.

Cracking method: choose the stair handrail brand company, the credibility is stronger, and the contract is strictly marked.we ar decorative stair post.

Second, design trap technology data trap

The technical dimensions of the stair railing directly affect safety and comfort. The amateur design does not consider the old and young step heights, the stairway spacing, and even bending down when going downstairs. Exports and entrances are not in accordance with the rules, directly to the door, from the wind and water is very unlucky.

Cracking method: consult several professional companies, search for high, medium and low grades, ask for their drawings, and attach design instructions. These cases have commonalities and individualities, and they have a good plan. Do the stairs to decorate the main trap of how to identify the stair railing.

The feng shui knowledge of stair railings in the home, the following stairs decoration taboo you know how much

The design of the stairs is the trouble of everyone's home decoration. The stairs serve as the bridge connecting the indoor space. The stair railings play an important decorative role. The common stainless steel stair handrails in life are: stainless steel, aluminum alloy, solid wood and so on. Combining a set of highly decorative stairs can bring indoor dynamics and vitality. Among them, there are many kinds of stair handrails, and there are many ways to design stairs. From the material to the form, this needs to be combined with the overall style of the interior design to make the interior style of the stair room integrated into one without being abrupt. When designing stairs and stair railings, the first consideration is safety. In the design, attention should be paid to the size of the indoor space and the position of the stairs. It can increase and decrease the visual size of the space. If improperly handled, it will seriously damage the overall design effect of the room. . Try not to waste indoor space and use the stairs for storage or installation space without damaging the appearance.

From the perspective of feng shui, the indoor staircase is the main hub that runs through each floor. Its position, shape and orientation require convenience and beauty, and it is also ventilated. If the whole house is a whole and each floor is a part, then the stairs are where the gas is connected and the gas is supplied. The stairs are second only to the gate in terms of gas ports. It is equivalent to the gate of the previous floor. The location is good or bad, which also affects the fortune of the residents.


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