What are the advantages of stainless steel stairs?

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1.Install the embedded parts - pay the line - install the column - the armrest is connected with the column - polished and polished. Before the column is installed, the wire is laid out by the extension line, and the groove is formed according to the angle of the site and the roundness of the handrail used.

2.Next, the handrails are placed in the groove of the column and then spot-welded. The adjacent handrails are installed correctly and the joints are tight.

3.After all the grinding and polishing are done, sand the weld with a hand-held sand grinder until the weld is not visible. Polished with flannel sand or felt for polishing, and the corresponding polishing paste is used until it is almost the same as the adjacent base metal, and the weld is not visible.

###Step: Since the stainless steel staircase needs to be professionally designed, after comparing with the actual stairs, choose the model of stainless steel stair material. The type of stainless steel stair material is usually 202 or 304.

Different stainless steel stair materials have different thicknesses and their thickness is chosen according to our own needs.

Two steps: After selecting the material of the stainless steel staircase, it is to design the selected material, and it is necessary to design its height.we are provide stair pipes,you can know it.

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