What are the requirements for the wall thickness of stainless steel(stair pipes) balustrades?

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What are the requirements for the wall thickness of stainless steel(stair pipes) balustrades?

Let's talk about the specifications of stainless steel railings, so that safety is always with us.

The technical standards are prepared as follows, but the implementation standards are not limited to the following:

1.“Construction and Acceptance Specifications for Building Decoration Engineering” „„„„„„„ GB50210-2001

2,"Atlas of the railings of the building" „„„„„„„06J403-1

3."Architectural Accessibility Design Atlas" „„„„„„„03J926

First, the railing style requirements

1)Stairwell railings are a kind of railings. The stairwell railings are φ51×1.0 (ie outer diameter 51mm, wall thickness 1.0mm, the following representation) stainless steel pipe, handrail is φ51×0.1 stainless steel pipe, vertical flower The tube is a φ19×0.8 stainless steel tube, and the upper and lower rails are φ38×1.0 stainless steel tubes. 06J403-1 Figure 24 B13a requirements: Each step adds a reinforcing bar connecting the handrail to the concrete step. The reinforcing bar is φ25×1.0 stainless steel pipe, the connection is the same as the column; the roofing railing is directly connected with the concrete; Vertical flower tube net

Tips for installing stainless steel stair fittings

Stainless steel stair fitting materials are commonly used in our lives and become increasingly indispensable. In general, stainless steel is a very corrosion-resistant material, but in real life, it is not difficult to find that the stainless steel handrail that should not rust is rusted, so we usually need to maintain the stainless steel stair fittings. So how do you install and maintain stainless steel stair fittings? Let's take a look at the following.

Tips for installing stainless steel stair fittings

First, the stainless steel stair fittings installation tips

1.Stair fittings - links between handrails and handrails

Open a hole of 3.5 cm in diameter and 3 cm deep at a distance of 2.5 cm from the end of the armrest. Connect a metal rod with a length of 7.5 cm and a diameter of 0.8 cm in the middle, and have a crescent pad and a nut on both sides, except for metal.

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