What are the specifications and sizes of common square tubes?

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Square pipe is an indispensable material in building decoration, mechanical manufacturing, steel structure engineering, and glass curtain wall.

Moreover, it is quite common in daily life, such as anti-theft windows and guardrails, which are the application of square tubes. The main reason is that the proper application will have unexpected effects, especially the selection of square tubes'specifications and sizes.

This is an important link, because it means potential safety hazards, such as installation of protective railings in the construction industry. There have been news reports before, because of the breakage of protective railings, causing personnel.

Casualties can be said to be countless cases, so the selection of square tube specifications and sizes should not be sloppy.

Process flow of square pipe production

Material Selection - Material Inspection - Material Storage - Roller Extrusion Forming - Straightening - Operation Inspection, Intermediate Inspection - Heat Treatment - Mechanical Performance Inspection - Chemical Analysis - Tensile Test - Product Storage - Product Inspection - Product Storage

What is the square tube?

Square pipe, as its name implies, is a kind of square pipe. Many kinds of material can form square pipe.

It is used in what medium and where. Most square pipe is made of steel pipe. After unpacking, flattening, crimping and welding, it forms round pipe. Then it is rolled into square pipe and cut into the required length. Generally, 50 square pipes per package are in large specifications of 10*10*0.8-1.5-500*500*10-25 in spot. The square pipes are divided into structural square pipes, decorative square pipes, construction square pipes, mechanical square pipes and so on.

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