What is the calculation method for the height of the stair pipes?

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What is the calculation method for the height of the stair pipes?

1,ladder column ribbing algorithm

The exposed length of this layer + beam height - protective layer + calculation set the bending of the vertical rib algorithm: layer height - the exposed length of the layer - protective layer. The cross section of the column is determined by the axial compression ratio, which is determined by the weight assumed.

Indoor ladder height

1.The distance between the two pillars of the stair handrail is generally 2-3 steps, and no more than 4 steps.

2.The height of the indoor guardrail is 900mm. When the platform is >500mm, the height is 1050mm.

3,indoor guardrail height measurement: step shoulder from 900mm

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2.The height of the stair handrail (from the front line of the step) should not be less than 0.90m; the height of the outdoor stair handrail should not be less than 1.05m.

2.When the stairwell width is greater than 0.20m, the vertical clearance of the handrail should not exceed 0.11m to prevent the child from falling.

3.The net width of the stairway shall not be less than the width of the step, and shall not be less than 1.10m.

The height of the stair pipes is calculated according to the calculation method of the construction project in Shenzhen: the height from the bottom of the stair column to the stair column cap or the top of the column is the effective height of the stair column. The height is in meters. And stigma.

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