What is the calculation method for the height of the stair pipes?

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What is the calculation method for the height of the stair pipes?

The choice of stairs can also be selected according to the style of decoration. The fashion, exquisite, elegant and grand staircase is no longer a means of transportation for the upper and lower space. It harmonizes the blood of the home and becomes a beautiful scenic spot in the home decoration. It has also become a smart piece of art at home. So what are the calculation methods for the stair step size? Staircase calculation: 砼 volume = (long square of step + height square of step) square × step width × plate thickness × same ladder × number of stairs + step width × step height / 2 × step width × number of steps × number of ladders × number of stairs vertical projection area = (ladder width - wall width) × ladder length × same number of ladders × stairs number of stairs surface area = (ladder length 2+ ladder Segment height 2) 0.5 power square × ladder segment width × same number of ladder segments × number of stairs Among them: ladder length (refers to projection length) = (level number -1) × step width step height = step number × step height Resting platform engineering quantity calculation: 砼 volume = platform width × platform length × platform plate thickness × number of layers × same number of stairs projected area = (platform width - wall width) × (platform length - wall width) × number of layers × same stairs Area of several sheds = (platform width - wall width) × (platform length - wall width) × number of layers × number of stairs number of ladders Engineering calculation: 砼 volume = ladder beam width × (ladder height - thickness) × The length of the ladder beam × the number of ladder beams × the number of the same building segment × the number of the same stairs on the stair step size calculation method is the above said, you Take a look at the reference, I think which one is more suitable for you to choose, here to remind everyone: the purchase of stairs should be combined with the decorative style, to see what kind of color and material, and the practical value of the material, can also be combined with the stairs The decoration renderings are selected.

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