What is the hardness of 304 stainless steel pipe?

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304 stainless steel tube hardness test method commonly used which mechanical factory is most commonly used is this 304 stainless steel tube Rockwell hardness. In particular, 

the hardness test of parts after heat treatment is generally stopped Rockwell hardness test.we are provide pre-galvanized steel tube,you can buy it.

The stainless steel Rockwell hardness test method is widely used, and its reason is that its method is simple. Whether it is Brinell hardness or Vickers hardness, the 

experimental method requires measuring the diameter and diagonal length of the pit pressed by the indenter, which is very troublesome.

 The Rockwell hardness test method is the same as pressing the pit with the indenter, but it is only necessary to pass the depth of the pit to determine the hardness value. 

Therefore, the experimental machine can directly display the size of the pit, without the need to stop the measurement, and only requires the experimental action of the 

indenter pressure to obtain the hardness value.

Hardness is a performance indicator that weighs the soft and hard level of data. There are many methods for hardness testing, and the principle is different. The measured 

hardness value and meaning are not complete. The most commonly used static load indentation hardness test, namely Brinell hardness HB, Rockwell hardness HRA, HRB, HRC, 

Vickers hardness H, rubber plastic Shore hardness HA, HD, etc. 304 stainless steel tube hardness value indicates the appearance of data Resist the ability of hard objects to 

press in.

The Leeb hardness Hl and the Shore hardness HS belong to the rebound hardness test, and the value represents the magnitude of the metal elastic deformation work. Therefore, 

hardness is not a simple physical quantity, but a comprehensive performance index reflecting the elasticity, plasticity, strength and toughness of the data.

1.HRC means Rocky hardness C scale;

2.The application of HRC and HB in consumption is very common;

3.HRC application range HRC 20-67, equivalent to HB225-650; If the hardness is higher than this range, use the Rockwell hardness A scale HRA. If the hardness is lower than 

this range, the Rockwell B scale HRB is used. The upper limit of the cloth hardness is HB650, which cannot be higher than this value.

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