What kind of pipe is used for stair railing(stair pipes)?

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What kind of pipe is used for stair railing(stair pipes)?

It is very important to choose the right pipe for the stair handrail. The important thing here is not the material of the pipe but the specification of the pipe. The material of the stair pipe is galvanized pipe, aluminum alloy pipe, and the quality of the material. It is the quality and grade of the stairs, while the specifications of the stair pipe are affected.

The choice of stair fittings, the unsuitable tubing can not be matched with the appropriate stair fittings, which is also a problem encountered by friends who have just engaged in stair processing and installation. We always recommend that customers choose the specifications while selecting the tubing. Avoid purchasing pipes and not finding accessories, causing unnecessary losses.

So what kind of pipe do we use for stair railings?we are provide stair pipes and frp sheet,you can know it.

The stair handrail has a column type and a wall type. The former is an independent whole, and is supported by the grounding surface of the column pipe. The latter simply relies on the wall to be stressed. Different types of stair handrails require different pipe specifications. Column-type stair handrails require a large number of pipe specifications, such as commonly used 30*60/40*80 face tube, 40 column tube, 32 horizontal tube, 19 small tube, within these specifications, customers can according to the local market For the supply of pipes, choose the pipes that are easy to purchase, which can be 50 square pipes / 60 square pipes / 80 square pipes / 45 square pipes / 35 square pipes 20 square pipes / 25 square pipes, etc. These are commonly used pipes for market stairs. So looking for accessories is very convenient. There is only one armrest pipe on the wall stairs, so the pipe of any size is of little influence.

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