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The installation of stair columns is generally divided into pre-buried and step surface surface mounts. As people pursue aesthetics and nature, surface mounting is widely accepted by people. The installation of stone structure as the surface of cement structure step board surface should first use emery brick nozzle in stone.we are decorative stair pipes manufacturer design,you can know it. 

The surface of the material is perforated and then the cement material is stepped through the impact brick and then installed.

If you do this, you can keep the stone surface intact. When you are laying the steps, you don't have to fight the stone in order to move the stairs. If it is a wooden stepped pedal, the brick brick will be worn by the brick brick and then the impact brick will be used to open the cement step.

If you do this, the guardrail is quite strong, but you must push the expansion screw into the cement. After the column is installed, it is made of handrails, and then the rest of the process is done.

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