choose the style of stainless steel railing column

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choose the style of stainless steel railing column

Divided according to the type of railing handrail applied: stainless steel hanging glass column. The glass is fixed by using stainless steel glass pendants and stainless steel glass clamps, and generally a single piece of tempered glass of 8 mm to 12 mm is used. Or laminated tempered glass, depending on the size of the paper; stainless steel through the pipe column. The column body has a tube clamp, which is usually 4 perforations, and generally wears 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 19mm small tubes.

Divided by surface treatment: achromatic stainless steel column. Surface treatment: brushed, matte, mirror, etc., mainly divided by colored stainless steel columns; titanium stainless steel columns. The metal surface is chemically treated with a layer of titanium gold, which is high-grade and luxurious. Mostly used for fine decoration, such as villas, hotels, exhibition halls, etc.; spraying stainless steel columns. Common is black spray.

Wooden stairs and stainless steel stairs which is better

The structure of the stainless steel staircase is relatively simple, generous, and the price is relatively affordable. It is also very convenient to install and easy to clean. 

The wooden stairs are generally more styles, the choice of space is relatively large, but the price of wooden stairs is very high, it is easy to regain moisture, the area is relatively large, the installation is also very complicated, it is difficult to clean after a long time. clean.

In general, the time used for stainless steel stair railings is certainly longer than that of wooden handrails. If there is no high style requirement, it is recommended that you choose stainless steel stair railings.

The stair column is a product that forms a stair railing from Europe. It is a supporting column that connects the stair surface and the handrail and plays a very important role in the modern stair railing.

Because the guardrails composed of them are simple, beautiful, generous and elegant, they are widely used in homes, businesses and other construction sites.

The common combination guardrails consisting of stair columns are: stair columns + glass + handrails, stair columns + drawbars + handrails, and all-steel guardrails and all-wood fences. In addition, the guardrails formed by the stair columns are also used in modern finished staircases.we are stair pipes suppliers,we can guarantee quality.

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