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Stairs are the first and foremost thing. There are many kinds of stairs. The most common ones are marble stairs, stainless steel stairs, solid wood stairs, etc. The different kinds of stairs have different decoration functions and advantages and disadvantages. The steel-wood staircase is made of steel and wood. Today, I will introduce you to the indoor steel-wood staircase!we are provide decorative stair pipes manufacturer design,you can know it.

Interior steel-wood staircase - introduction to steel-wood staircase

The steel-wood staircase is the primary component of modern interior decoration. The steel-wood staircase furniture is the future trend and has become more and more important in a high-quality home.

Indoor steel-wood staircase - the choice of indoor steel-wood staircase

Nowadays, the indoor steel-wood staircase brand on the market is cumbersome. A staircase ranges from a few thousand yuan to several tens of thousands of yuan. Therefore, consumers should choose to promise better brand products. Nowadays, the domestic plan is larger, the ladder type is more, and the promised better brand.

Quiet is the primary element in the selection of indoor steel-wood staircases. The choice of the shape of the stairs together, but also the force of the stairs. The force of the stairs is carried by the curved beams, treads, handrails and railings.

Wood pedals are best used for wood, such as Thai oak, oyster, cherry, etc.; others should pay attention to the thickness and moisture content of the pedal, and the thickness is usually about 40 mm.

The modern stair set combines the preemptive plan concept and construction technology. The excellent stairway uses precious wood and components, so the price is very high. When choosing the stairs, you can't just ask for the price of the quotation, which should be from the company's set and supply channels. Learn about the seller in order to buy a cheap and practical boutique staircase. Stairs have high safety requirements. Therefore, it is very important to choose a brand that promises good, has high integrity, and has a perfect after-sales service system.

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decorative stair pipes manufacturer design

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