frp sheet become special tiles for livestock breeding

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frp sheet become special tiles for livestock breeding

The high light transmittance of the lighting board has won a lot of customers' love. The use of lighting panels in the animal husbandry industry not only has good lighting effect but also energy saving. The lighting board is widely used in the breeding industry in Hebei, and Xiaobian takes you to know that the frp sheet is used as a special tile for animal husbandry. What are the advantages?

1. For the farm, the roofing material needs to have good thermal insulation performance, ensuring the temperature to ensure the healthy growth of the livestock and not easy to get sick.

2. The lighting effect of the lighting board is good. The test shows that the lighting board can absorb noise or reduce the noise when it is affected by external noise such as heavy rain, hail and strong wind. Avoid raising livestock because of noise and turmoil, and mutual attacks cause unnecessary losses.

3. Exhaust gas from the farm will produce exhaust gas. These exhaust gases are generally corrosive. If the selected roof tile is of poor quality or does not have corrosion resistance, it will soon be corroded. Therefore, we recommend the use of lighting panels not only green materials, but also anti-corrosion performance, greatly enhancing the service life of roofing panels.

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