pre-galvanized steel pipe

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Galvanized steel pipes are divided into cold-galvanized steel pipes and hot-dip galvanized steel pipes. Cold-galvanized steel pipes have been banned, and the latter has been promoted by the state for temporary use.we are provide pre-galvanized steel pipe,you can know it.We can guarantee the quality of pre-galvanized steel pipe.

In the 1960s and 1970s, developed countries in the world began to develop new types of pipes and banned galvanized pipes. The Ministry of Construction and other four ministries also issued a document clarifying that galvanized pipes should be banned as water supply pipes from 2000. The chilled pipes in newly built communities have rarely used galvanized pipes, and some districts use galvanized pipes for hot water pipes. Hot-dip galvanized steel pipes are widely used in fire protection, electric power and highways.

The galvanized steel pipe is a hollow section steel with a cross-sectional shape formed by hot-rolling or cold-rolling galvanized steel strip as a billet after cold bending and high-frequency welding; its performance is comparable to that of hot-dip galvanized pipe. The price is lower than the hot-dip galvanized pipe, and the galvanized pipe is widely used in construction engineering, civil chimney, central air-conditioning pipe, fence, threading pipe, greenhouse (shed pipe), rolling door, light steel keel, support pipe, furniture, sports. Equipment, tents, guardrails and other industries.

Scope of application:

Widely used in electrical circuit protection such as electrical, fire, telecommunications, intelligent network cabling

1, superior performance

The catheter has good properties and anti-interference ability, and can also be used as a communication signal cable in-building (BAS) system and network, fire-fighting integrated wiring tube.

2, low cost

It is thin and thick, the number of meters is increased, and the weight is light. In addition, the structure is simple and the accessories are less, saving material costs. Convenient transportation, saving time and labor, engineering cost is significantly lower than other types of steel conduits.

3, beautiful appearance

The product is galvanized inside and outside, the pipe is smooth and round and burr-free, and the joints are simple and tidy, giving a comfortable and refreshing feeling after installation.

Various specifications, complete models, complete sets of accessories, no need for too many additional tools.

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